Anti Skid Mats

Non Slip Shower Mat: there are 12 strip Base made of TPE material at the bottom of bath mat, allows shower mats to remain securely in place when wet. Anti Skid Surface:- Saffron Decors are specially manufactures Wave textured design gives solid, comfortable footing and needed traction while taking shower, for protection against falls, even if shower mat touches the Soap or shower gel it will not slip. Design: clever Design with drain hole slotted panels: allowing water and soap to pass through and under the drain holes instead of pooling around your feet. Safety: Anti-slip shower mat is made of high-end TPE and PP plastic material, no smell and healthy for you. Size: Our bathroom rectangular mat is 24”W x 18.5”L x 0.17”H, can be cut. If you need to be bigger size, you can buy more pieced together side by side.

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